Rituals help us make sense of our lives, the world, and the place we occupy in it. Liminal creates personalized rituals that help you navigate the ever changing fabric of your life.

Each life transformation is an individual and unique experience. Liminal offers to create a tailored ritual or ceremony for your current life situation.

If you are planning to create your own ritual or ceremony, Liminal can help you with any step towards hosting your own ritual or ceremony.

Not every ritual needs to be a big event. Liminal offers to create small ritualistic routines to structure your every day life.

Ritual Library

The library contains scripts for rituals and ceremonies you can do on your own, and articles about and around rituals.

About Liminal

Liminal is an agency for rituals and ceremonies. It was founded by me, Thibault Schiemann, in 2020 in Copenhagen (DK) to create rituals for people who seek a space for their personal and interpersonal transformations. 

The initial experience that sparked Liminal was the sudden death of my sister and the rupture that it caused in my life. In that moment it became apparent to me how fundamentally important it is to give space to transformations. The one that unfolded for me in that time allowed me to explore the incident without the pressure of any social preconception. Both the rituals that I took part in after that and the rituals I created for myself, proved helpful in integrating the experience and gaining new strength. Liminal was born out of a gratitude and a desire to share the power of rituals with others.

I have studied literature, theatre, and psychology, and have worked as an artist for more than ten years. Over the last six years my work has mainly been focused around developing participatory formats that play and challenge the way we interact with and relate to one another. Four years ago I started exploring the world of relational practices, and in 2020 I joined a group of enthusiasts to build Relational Spaces in Copenhagen. In the same year I decided to concentrate my work more on rituals, creating and hosting rituals and ceremonies for personal and communal contexts. It was and still is a new journey to learn and grow through rituals, and Liminal is a new exciting step on that journey. From all I have learned and experienced so far, I still consider my passion and my desire to learn new things my greatest traits.

A central approach for me has always been to develop my own symbolic signs, merely adopting techniques and symbols from religious, philosophical and spiritual schools whenever they made sense to me. In the same way I promise not to imbue rituals with any ideological subtext. For each ritual we will develop unique symbolic signs and practices, based on what is important for you.

Liminal is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am happy to hear from you! Feel free to leave me a message using the contact form below.



Rituals allow us to step into a different space, a space outside of everyday life. This space follows different rules and enables us to consciously reconsider and reshape the way we go about our lives. It gives us an opportunity to cross thresholds, to welcome and let go, to discover unpronounced emotions and desires, to accept and transform. Liminal creates personalized rituals that help you navigate the ever changing fabric of your life.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Each life transformation is an individual and unique experience. Therefore I offer to create a tailored ritual or ceremony that fits both into your current life situation and into your own symbolic universe. These could be alternatives to traditional rituals (i.e. marriages or funerals) or rituals for non-ritualized transformation, such as moving to another city, breaking up, starting a new job, griefing over a failed life dream. I am especially open to developing rituals for life experiences that we have difficulties putting into words but that feel real nevertheless.

The journey of creating a tailored ritual or ceremony will include several conversations between you and me. At the end of the process you will receive a script with your ritual/ceremony with which you can host the ritual/ceremony. Whether you want me to host and/or lead your ritual is a question we will answer along the way.

Ritual Coaching

If you are planning to create your own ritual or ceremony, I provide coaching that can help you with

  • getting a better understanding of what your ritual is about
  • how to set an intention
  • sharing techniques and methods for every step of your ritual
  • developing your own symbolic universe
  • holding space for yourself and/or others
  • building a structure for your ritual
  • tips and tricks for preparation, aftercare, and integration

Everyday Rituals

Besides holding singel rituals or ceremonies for bigger transformations, smaller rituals can also be implemented in our daily life. This way we can use them to structure our day, and integrate new ideas, wishes, or processes into the fabric of our lifes. They usually require less effort and, once installed, almost no preparation. Examples for this are:

  • creating a morning routine for a conscious start into the day
  • setting times aside to check in with yourself
  • developing a practice you return to when you feel insecure
  • a weekly gathering for a community to appreciate each other

Ritual Library

From time to time I publish step by step scripts of rituals, and articles around the practice of making and hosting rituals. All material here is free to read and use. If you need assistance with them or have questions, I am happy to help.

Living in the Gift

I consider the work I do with my rituals as a gift, as something I feel called to share and give to people who need it. That means that I don’t attach a price to the work that I do, since it would undermine the gesture of the gift.

“Living in the Gift” is a phrase I copied from Charles Eisenstein’s book Sacred Economics. It paints an economy that is built around people’s desire to show their gratitude for things that have been giving to them, and their desire to give to others. It focuses on the relationships that are formed around exchanging gifts of unequal/incomparable value. Creating a ritual for someone is an interpersonal task — both you and I will have to put ourselves into this, allowing whatever process that it enables to flourish.

Living in the Gift does not mean that I am doing everything “for free” or that I consider my work to have no value. Rather you will decide for yourself what tuition amount feels right and fair for you, both reflecting your own financial situation and your feeling of gratitude. Any amount is welcome, even zero. 

I understand that this approach to “meeting needs with corresponding gifts” is challenging at first. If that is the case for you I will write an invoice for you with a suggestive price that will reflect my work — a price that would allow me to maintain financial security. You will then have the opportunity to adjust that price according to what feels good for you. I will accept your decision without negotiation.


If you are curious and would like to know more, please use the contact form below to get in touch. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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