About Liminal Rituals

The origin

The initial experience that sparked Liminal Rituals was the sudden death of Thibault’s sister and the rupture that it caused in their life. In that moment it became apparent to them how fundamentally important it is to give space to transformations. The one that unfolded for them in that time allowed Thibault to explore the incident without the pressure of any social preconception. Both the rituals that they took part in after that and the rituals they created themselves, proved helpful in integrating the experience and gaining new strength. Liminal Rituals was born out of a gratitude and a desire to share the power of rituals with others.

In late 2020, Thibault founded Liminal Rituals, and began creating rituals for friends and family in early 2021. Throughout this year, they experimented with how to combine their background in cultural studies, game design, performing art, and authentic relating into modern day rituals. While it was important for them to learn and get inspired by traditional rituals, they felt that rituals in the 21st century demanded a different approach.

In 2022 Thibault’s long-time collaborator from previous projects, Nina Lund Westerdahl, joined Liminal Rituals as a co-creator and designer.

The method

With a combined background in cultural studies, game design, architecture, performing arts, and authentic relating, Liminal Rituals seeks to create rituals with a deep understanding for the cultural and political period we live in, while empowering people to find their own place in it through playful and authentic exercises.  Modern day rituals are participatory, secular, and non-hierarchical — inviting all participants to be the author of their own life and story.

None of our rituals demand to believe in an ideology or spiritual belief. The power of rituals comes from manifesting and enacting the way we perceive the world, making our emotional landscapes tangible and visible to the world around us.

The people

Organizers (for webpage)
Thibault Schiemann
Nina Lund Westerdahl

The contact

Liminal Rituals
c/o S-Rummet
Jakob Dannefærdsvej 14, kl. th
1973 Frederiksberg / København