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The Celebration | Copenhagen


Welcome to The Celebration – a modern day summer ritual to celebrate all the things and people that make our lives rich and meaningful. During this time of the year, when life is buzzing around us, we want to honour connection in all its forms and our place in this magnificent web.

Around the end of June, our world enters summer. A period of warmth, abundance, and vitality, where almost all parts of the world seem to be buzzing and flourishing. The fields are full of insects, the trees full of birds, and the streets and parks full of people. Everything and everyone seems to be out, enjoying and using the warm season.

To mark the passage into the summer, we want to come together for a ritual of honouring the (inter-)connection of all things. Here we want to celebrate the things and people that make our life rich and meaningful.

This ritual is as much about seeing and listening to the world, as much as it is about affirming its various parts. So we venture inwards and  we venture outwards to find in ourselves the voice that says: Yes to life!



Every year the earth goes through its seasonal cycle, and as the world around us is changing, so are we. What we desire and need, how much energy we have to spare, in what ways we want to engage with others or ourselves — it changes just as much.

PASSAGES takes you on a ritual journey through this cycle of a year. The journey consists of four rituals — one for each season — and each one invites you to slow down, reflect on where you are in your current year, and get clarity on how you want your year to continue. All rituals are secular, participatory, and inclusive. PASSAGES encourages you to actively become the author of your own story.The four rituals are the following:

  1. The Seed | Mar 18
  2. The Celebration | Jun 24
  3. The Harvest | Sep 09
  4. The Rest | Dec 09


While we encourage to commit to all four rituals for the best experience, you can just as well join as many as you like. No ritual requires the experience of the previous one, and at what time of the year you join the ritual journey is up to you.

Focussing your Attention

Rituals are intentional gatherings to bring your attention to a specific part of your life. They are a way of checking in with yourself, and realigning your life with your bigger wishes and goals. We do this through meditations and related practices. In The Celebration you are invited to look at the things in your life that bring you joy and make you feel supported.

Sharing with a Group

In our rituals we come together as a group. As a group we can support each other on our journeys and be witnesses to one another. We will engage in playful and ritualistic activities together, and share our newly gained insights with the group.

Rewriting the Story of Your Life

All our rituals are secular and do not require you to subscribe to a specific system of belief. You are your own author of your life, and you get to decide for yourself what feels meaningful to you. Our rituals are containers for you to find words for the life that you are living – and the life you wish to live.


Carl Plougs Vej 6, 1913 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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