a ritual journey through the year

Every year the earth goes through its seasonal cycle, and as the world around us is changing, so are we. What we desire and need, how much energy we have to spare, in what ways we want to engage with others or ourselves — it changes just as much.
PASSAGES takes you on a ritual journey through this cycle of a year. The journey consists of four rituals — one for each season — and each one invites you to slow down, reflect on where you are in your current year, and get clarity on how you want your year to continue. All rituals are secular, participatory, and inclusive. PASSAGES encourages you to actively become the author of your own story.

Why go on a ritual journey?


Rituals help us make sense of our lives, the world, and the place we occupy in it. They invite us to take a step back and get a new perspective on all parts that form our daily life. By doing so we can redefine how all our parts come together and create new meaning for us.


Our experience of the world is a subjective feeling that cannot be perceived by others with any of our senses. Rituals enable us to manifest our experience, to make our experience of the world literally sensible. They help us to make our experience become more real.


Rituals are a powerful tool to create and form communities. Sharing your vulnerabilities and longings in a guided setting allows connection with others, and cultivates trust towards yourself and others.

The 5 rituals of Passages

The Seed | ~ March

It is time to set intentions! During The Seed we will plant the seeds of what we would like to see grow in this year. The theme of this ritual is not only ourselves, but also what we would like to bring to this world. Here we prepare ourselves to step into active relation to the world, and bring the change that we would like to see.

The Celebration | ~ June

Summer is when everything is buzzing with life, and so we celebrate the interconnectedness of all things. The theme of The Celebration is connection, and we will bring our attention to how the different parts of our life impact and affect each other, how the people around us bring richness to our lives. Then it is time to celebrate!

The Harvest | ~ September

As the days are getting darker, we turn our attention towards the fruits of our work. In The Harvest we return to the seeds we have planted during The Seed, and look what has happened to them. While the ritual in the spring looked at what we wanted to bring to the world, in The Harvest we look at what the world has actually returned to us. The theme here is expectations and gratitude.

The Rest | ~ December

The Rest is a ritual to prepare yourself to enter that liminal space at the end of the year. Before we take this passage together, we will come together to revisit the old year, to reflect together, and share the impact that the events of the last twelve months had on us. The theme of the ritual is letting go.

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