09dec18:3021:00The Rest | Copenhagena modern winter ritual to slow down


(Saturday) 18:30 - 21:00



Carl Plougs Vej 6, 1913 Frederiksberg, Denmark

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As the last days of December are approaching, we are entering the time in between years: the old year is ending; the new year has not yet started. It is the time of the year where processes are slowing down, social and natural life is taking a break. We have done as much as we could, now it is time to rest. Fully rest. Before we can take up the threads again for another cycle of the year.

The Rest is a modern day ritual to prepare yourself to enter that liminal space at the end of the year. Before we take this passage together, we will come together to revisit the old year, to reflect together, and share the impact that the events of the last twelve months had on us.

We will then move forward to distinguish between the things we want to leave with the passing of the old year, and the things we would like to pick up again in the new year. We will box those things away, so we can revisit them next year, allowing us to enter the in-between-years with as little baggage as possible.


  •  a guided meditation to help you slow down
  • you will have time to think back on the events of the last year, and draw or write down the most important things for you
  • a collective sharing round of things that happened in which you have full control over how much you share with others
  • a “boxing away” of things you would like to take with you into the new year


Every year the earth goes through its seasonal cycle, and as the world around us is changing, so are we. What we desire and need, how much energy we have to spare, in what ways we want to engage with others or ourselves — it changes just as much.

PASSAGES takes you on a ritual journey through this cycle of a year. The journey consists of four rituals — one for each season — and each one invites you to slow down, reflect on where you are in your current year, and get clarity on how you want your year to continue. All rituals are secular, participatory, and inclusive. PASSAGES encourages you to actively become the author of your own story.The four rituals of 2023 are the following:

  1. The Seed | Mar 18
  2. The Celebration | Jun 24
  3. The Harvest | Sep 09
  4. The Rest | Dec 09

While we encourage to commit to all four rituals for the best experience, you can just as well join as many as you like. No ritual requires the experience of the previous one, and at what time of the year you join the ritual journey is up to you.