Speaking Into Silence (script)

rituals for 2-12 participants | 2-4 hours | created by Thibault Schiemann & Nina Lund  Westerdahl


Speaking Into Silence is a mediation/conversation-ritual in which participants are invited to share freely what is on their mind. The strong setting in darkness, with only few candles lighting up the room, removes most implicit rules about how we talk with each other, allowing participants to share without the normal social pressure of casual conversations. Speaking and being in silence together are two equally important parts of the experience, where one amplifies the other: the silence let’s everything that is said to stand out more, while every contribution fills the silence with a part of oneself.

This ritual is perfect for letting go of noises from your everyday life, everything slowly fades away in the silence and darkness. At the same time the loose and intimate sharing of participants, allows to step away from your normal perspective and see the world through other people’s lenses. Participants have described Speaking Into Silence both as a type of group meditation, and as a catalyst for insights — all with a cozy touch of sleepover parties.

At the moment I am hosting Speaking Into Silence on a monthly basis at Relational Spaces in Copenhagen. To learn more and sign up for it visit: relationalspaces.dk

It was designed and created as part of the Cultural Protocols series.

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